It was an elephant, Mafunyane of the Kruger National Park, that brought the artist and author together many years ago; and despite being charged by him, or perhaps because of this, elephants have become their abiding interest and passion. This book is the culmination of more than a decade of observation and research; and is primarily the artist’s and author’s celebration of the African elephant. But it also clearly puts the case for the conservation and proper management of the complete ecosystems that support the greatest faunal assemblages on earth, of elephants are but a part.

Elephants of Africa contains reproductions of 24 outstanding pastel paintings of elephants in representative habitats throughout the continent. In addition there are superb colour cameos and eloquent pencil drawings of both elephants and the many other creatures, some of them rare or endangered, that share the elephant’s varied environments in Africa. These animals include the Zaire peacock, the gorilla, the bongo, the zebra duiker, the Lord Derby eland, the lion, the leopard and man.

The test is both informative and scientifically accurate, yet written in a personal and anecdotal style. it is also realistic, squarely facing all the pertinent issues of elephant biology and conservation. The decline of the elephant in some areas because of poaching and human population increase, the ivory trade, the over-population of elephant and man, all these issues are discussed by one of the leading authorities on African elephants.

An impressive blend of inspired artwork, factual accuracy based on personal experience and realistic conservation philosophy, this book will appeal to everyone with an interest in wildlife, from professional conservationists and students of the natural history of Africa to big game hunters. Discerning judges of the best in contemporary wildlife art as well as collectors of high quality illustrated books and Africana will also be delighted by this publication. Because so many of the areas described are changing by the month as more of the continent is brought under the axe and the hoe, Elephants of Africa will become an historical record of lasting value.

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Authored by Anthony Hall-Martin and illustrated by Paul Bosman. Published by Struikhof of Cape Town in 1989. Hard cover bound this 2nd Edition copy is in Fine condition, with a Fine dust jacket and a plastic cover. The size of the book is 247x282x19mm with 175 pp incl index, bibliography and glossary. ISBN 9780947458034.

Line drawings and col illustrations throughout the text.