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The Orange River, a thin green line through an arid land, has supported life for many thousands of years. But its life giving resources have been ignored in histories of the region; and it has been known as little more than a convenient political boundary.

This multi-disciplinary volume describes the history, archaeology and physical anthropology of the aboriginal inhabitants along the river and in its hinterland. Ethnographic and architectural studies look at their modern descendants in ecological context, and provide continuity between past and present

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Edited by Andrew B. Smith with papers Andrew B. Smith, Wendy Metelerkamp, Nigel Penn, Alen G. Morris, Urusla Mussgnug, Glen Mills, Perter B. Beaumont and John Vogel. Published by UCT Press of Cape Town in 1995. This soft cover bound, First Edition copy is in Fine condition covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 217x149x20mm. ISBN 9780799215847.