142 pp incl acknowledgements, selected references and notes. Pages tanned, and an inscription on half tittle page. Clean and well bound.

1848, Karl Marx and Frederick Engles write the Communist Manifesto.
1817, Lenin establishes the first communist government in Russia.1989 The Berlin Wall crumbles.
1990 East Germany disappears, Communism is finished in Europe. Between 1917 and 1990 countless millions lived under communism.

What was it all about?Why did Marx oppose capitalism?
Why did he believe in violent revolution?Why did he think communism would benefit the masses?
And where did he go wrong?Here is a highly readable overview of Marx – in his original words, through the eyes of a liberal critic.

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Authored by Frank Vorhies and published by Juta & Co of Cape Town in 1991. This soft cover bound First Edition copy is in Very Good Condition, covered in plastic and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 214x144x13mm.