Un-read. 188pp incl Index and checklist for butterflies of the region. Maps; 100 pp col illustrations with from 4 to 6 specimens each.

There are more than 3,000 species of butterflies in Africa, many widely spread and brilliantly coloured, others found only in the tree tops of dense forests. This is a comprehensive introduction to them all giving a representative coverage of all the larger genera, the commonest and most widely distributed species, the largest, the most conspicuous and those of special interest.

Like other books in the Handguide series, it is portable, compact, beautifully illustrated and easy to use. Written and illustrated by Dr R.H. Carcasson, lately Director of the National Museum in Nairobi, it present a general introduction to the subject followed by 100 full colour plates, each of which illustrates a number of species or subspecies in clear and accurate detail, while the accompanying text concentrates on the variety within each group, their habitat and their range.

Carried in the pocket or consulted in the comfort of home it will prove an invaluable aid in the identification of individual butterflies and a lively introduction to the butterflies of Africa.

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Authored by R.H. Carcasson and published by Collins of London in 1981. This First Edition copy is hard cover bound, covered in plastic, in Fine condition and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 197x118x20mm. ISBN 0002197839.