If you take an map of Central Africa and look for the Belgian Congo, you will see marked on its southeastern borders Lake Mweru, into which flows the Luapula River. Thence many, many years ago came a tribe of Bantu, known as the Lalas.

Today the Lalas are a people of no particular distinction, almost unknown beyond the districts of Northern Rhodesia which now they inhabit: to those who take an interest in such things, they are no doubt as interesting as most other elementary peoples of Africa: to those who do not, they are doubtless just ….

But the few years of youth covered by this book had their beginning among the Lalas: and among them the long tale of unrecorded years will in all likelihood have its end. In their midst the writer first found Life; learned to know it pursue it master it, love it: not its reflection and shadow, nor its whisper and echoes … but the very stuff and essence of Life.

And so this foreword shall be of the Lala people. ….

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Authored by J.E. Stephenson and published by Geoffrey Bles of London in 1937. Hard cover bound this First Edition copy is in Good condition and without a dust jacket. The size of the book is 199x135x33mm.

281 pages. Signed by author with a date correction on page 279 by the author. Single b+w photograph of the author and a fold out map of Southern Rhodesia as the frontis. Spine faded and creased, binding cracked. All pages present and intact. Clean with no markings. Pages tanned.