Few of us know that the African continent is home to no less than ten species of wild cat. Encounters with the majestic lion, elusive leopard and graceful cheetah have captivated the imagination to such an extent that the smaller cats have until now been largely overlooked. Whilst Cats of Africa celebrates the power and grandeur of the three large cats, it also offers fascinating introductions to their seven smaller relatives. Here we discover that the diminutive sand cat has feet covered with long hair on the undersides for better grip on loose, hot sand. We marvel at the enigmatic golden cat of the rainforests and the secretive, reputed ferocious black booted cat, the smallest of all.

In this volume, the first of its kind, a respected scientist and a renowned artist, combine their talents and draw upon their unique personal experience of the wild places of Africa to tell the absorbing story of Africa’s en enchanting cat species and their struggle for survival.

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Authored by Anthony Hall-Martin with illustrations by Paul Bosman. Published by Fernwood of Cape Town in 1997. Hard cover bound this First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic, with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 282x289x20mm, with 152 pages, including an index, glossary and list of subscribers. ISBN  9781874950240. Illustrated, in colour and black and white, with line drawings, portraits and photographs.