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It is more than a thousand years since the exploitation of the elephant began. Alexander the Great used them and Kublai Khan encountered them when he conquered India, employing elephants in their hundreds to carry 16 Tartar bowmen like wooden castles to command the very sky. However, it is only in the last hundred years, with the coming of the Great White Hunters with their special elephant guns, that the very existence of the African elephant has been threatened.

Blood Ivory tells the story of how the professional hunting fraternity was the first to realize the threat to the elephant and how it kick-started the whole conservation movement. It is not a story with a happy ending, however. It is a tale of war; colonialists against traditional practices and customs; newly independent African countries against each other; poachers and smugglers against any kind of constraint. And at the heart of this tragic tale is the sad irony that it is only in the two countries which have not supported the international ban on the sale of elephant ivory, South Africa and Botswana the viable breeding populations have been maintained.
In Blood Ivory, Robin Brown draws on his depth of knowledge and understanding of Africa and his career as a leading wildlife film maker to paint a vivid picture of the impact of hunting on Africa’s elephant population. He vividly portrays the powerful personalities of those involved on both sides of the massacre including Cecil Rhodes, Dennis Fitch-Hatton, Edward, Prince of Wales and David Sheldrick.

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Authored by Robin Brown and published by History Press of Gloucestshire, United Kingdom, in 2008. This First Edition copy is in Fine condition, covered in plastic and with a Fine dust jacket. The size of the book is 241x159x23mm.