This Book deals with a subject of immediate importance. It is a detailed sober and factual study of the efforts made in the last four years by Russia and, to a lesser degree, China, to establish and extend their influence in  Africa where, the author maintains, the cold war is being waged harder than anywhere else.Peter Lessing spent 1959-60 travelling all over Africa by Land Rover and knows many of the African leaders whose reactions to Communist wooing he describes. The facts stated in his book are formidable enough in themselves, the warning to the African nations as much as to the West, is explicit and grave.

Mr Lessing begins with a case-history, Angola, with the origin of the revolt laid bare, the names, and records, of the leaders stated. He then moves on to show how the Soviet Union, starting from scratch four years ago, has reached a dominant position in Africa. He deals with economic aid, the manipulation of trade unions, the appeal to students and the young, he describes the supply of arms, its routes, methods and purposes, the training of guerilla fighters the propaganda barrage. He ends with an appeal that the West should recognise and stand by the African who, in conditions of great difficulty, still maintain goodwill towards the former colonial nations, fear feebleness of will and ignorance have bedevilled Western policy, but there is still a degree of hope, though time is sadly short. Peter Lessing’s restrained statement of irrefutable facts and the careful moderation of his tome make this an impressive frightening and formidably timely book.

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Authored by Pieter Lessing and published by Michael Joseph of London in 1962. Hard cover bound this First Edition copy is in Very Good condition covered in plastic and with a Very Good dust jacket. The size of the book is 223x143x24mm.

207pp incl Index. Dj has spine faded and slightly tanned. Book has all pages uniformly lightly tanned.